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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A typical morning with the grumps

For most people, a typical Thursday morning starts off with the subtle realisation that it's only ONE day away from Friday, which is essentially ONE day away from the weekend. Most people will brush off that little bit of sleepiness, ready to embrace the day and clear their desk in anticipation of a work-less weekend.

Unfortunately, mild-mannered Jonathan isn't most people.

Today, the usually mild-mannered Jonathan awoke to a demonic aura of relentless hate. The negative energy slowly creeping into the pristine sanctuary of his bedroom. He could already hear their whispers in his soul, the bitter poisonous fumes that they exhume within their living space.

Jonathan quickly cleaned up and dressed, ready for another fruitless day at work. How then, can anybody be the least bit productive with such negative emotions flooding one so early in the day, even before the stipulated day has even begun.

He was greeted by the terrible, malicious silence that he is now accustomed to as he went down the stairs. As he headed out the door, it was slammed behind him, by one of the presences' filled with hatred and anger. He wonders what he has done to attract such malignant tumours beings to his home.

"It must be karma..." he sheepishly bemused.

It both confounds and intrigues him to see the behavior of these two presences' (as he calls them; for they are nothing more than a draft of bad air). For it is after all his home, his house that they are occupying. Yet, they display a fierce territorial intensity as if it were theirs. Not to mention the lack of gratitude at having a home to haunt.

Jonathan made a stop at the neary bakery and indulged himself on a humble donut. "Something sweet to sooth my bitter palate" he thought.

And practicing the ancient yogic methods of meditation to remove all negative thoughts and emotions, he clears his mind and updates his blog.


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