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Monday, August 20, 2007

What dreams may come...

What are dreams? What do we dream about? Why do we dream?

And I'm not talking about dreaming in the sense of the sort with clouds hanging over your head. I'm talking about 'real' dreams. The kind you want to live. The kind you want to believe in. Dreams that would make the world a better place.

Sometimes, in fact most times, I sit or walk or do whatever it is that I do in my unconventional little ways to get away from the mundane ongoings of life and escape into the unrealistic world of my daydreams. What most people would call childlish and naive. A most unenterprising pasttime, most people might add.

But dreaming is what makes enterpreneurs who they are today. An irrational idea, a fools worth of thoughts. Dreams. Dreams propel us towards our destiny. We only have to take up stride and walk the path. Be unafraid (and I know many who are afraid) of the choices you make, for if your dreams are filled with passion, then you shall make genuine choices. And genuine choices, help make your dreams come true.

At times, I dream so much, I thought that my dreams are just that. Dreams. But along came an angel, and she taught me to dream with conviction. To believe that dreams do come true. And I did.

And my dreams started coming true.


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