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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Exorcism of Bitty Grump

She lays in bed on a typical weekday morning, savouring the un-need to get up and slog to work like the boring mundane masses. Slowly, she turns and twists herself in an orgy of serene restfulness, a soft moan of satisfaction escaping her lips. How nice it is to not heed the mad rush of the typical working class.

The pattering sound of the shower stops and after a while, the bathroom door gently opens as a figure steps out, his naked body glistening with sparkling beads of water in the morning sunlight. Silently he dresses as she continues to sleep in peaceful slumber. Then as he departs, he kisses her softly on the forehead. And she smiles in her sleep.

A sharp thunderous banging on the door jolts her from her restful state. She jumps up in shock, but her jangled nerves are suprisingly calm. This is not the first time. It has happened numerous times before. He had warned her the first time she stayed over, and she was somewhat prepared for the abuse that will soon follow.

She leaves the bed and opens the door. Usually, the malicious presence disappears into its cowardly confines after these tiny bouts of attempted harassment, but this time it stayed to face her.

The presence takes on the form of an old woman, who once upon a time would have been deemed of decent looks, however average and plain they may be. But now, only an empty shell filled with hate, and anger, and bile exists in its place. Its skin twisted and contorted like the fibrous strands of aged ginger.

Years of bitterness lined her face which is devoid of anything remotely nice. No remnants remain of her joyful past if indeed she has one to remember. No, her own experience has rendered her unable to enjoy what fruits a life can give. Everything she touches rots. Every word she says is laced with poison.

And thus this being seeping with bitterness and pain confronts her and shouts insults to her lovely face. With every word, stems poisonous fumes of hate, choking with excrutiating suffering as she pours abuse after abuse unto her. Unleashing her own frustrations and regrets onto another soul, an innocent soul. Hoping to release her own suffering by condemning another to its bitter depths.

But she was ready. Prepared. Her hand raised in a humble poise, she halted the raging demon in its tracks. "Stop!" she proclaimed. "Proceed no further thy vicious beast, for I am of nobody to you and you are of nothing to me. You try to impose your wrath on me, and tell me that you have nothing but hate towards me. Yet, I harbour no ill will towards you. You tell me reasons for your hatred, yet I do not have any towards you. It is best that we part our seperate ways. For I do not want to have anything to do with you, and you have nothing to do with me."

"YOU! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THIS! HAVE YOU NO RESPECT FOR YOUR ELDERS?", the presence shrieked. "You are not my elder, to me you are no one", she calmly replied.


"No. It is you would came to this house. To haunt it. To occupy it. It is with the goodwill of the owner who has granted you a place to stay. Yet, you repay their kindness with malice and deceit".

"YOU... YOU..." it was starting to choke on its on fury.

"I have nothing else to say to you. The line is drawn. Since you despise me, you may choose not to engage me in any form of conversation. And I will oblidge you the same."

The presence, stunned by the strength of the truth, stood there in silence, unabled to move or even utter a peep. And slowly it retreats into its lair.

She gently closes the door and goes back to bed. The exorcism was successful, but it will be back. This was the only condition he had for her when she choose to stay. And she had done well. She smiles and falls into restful slumber.


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