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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some people should just curl up and die! Twice!

There are times in one's life when one realises that there are things that will never change. And some things are inevitable as well. Some systems never change. Some cultures never change. People change. But not always for the better.

Sometimes there are things that piss you off beyond your own comprehension. Things that you are asked to do that can be avoided, or trivial things that take up way too much time and yield only the most minute of results. Sometimes you are asked to do things purely to cover the lack of others.

Anger always accompanies these times. But no amount of anger seethed, breathed, tasted, can change the way some things chose to manifest. So why be angry? Why bother with these trivial emotions when they do more harm than good? Because in the end, some people will eventually get their way, and it is your time that is wasted in anger. Time which can be used to accomplish the given futile task.

At times, the best way to counter these rebellious feelings of rage is to write them down. Wherever possible, whenever possible. For anger can only bring destruction to oneself and to those around you. As for me, I've done my part.

Anger managed...


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