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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random Good Deeds

It was rush hour in the KLCC LRT station, and Malaysians, lacking in socially acceptable behaviour as always, were pushing and jostling each other in a bid to get into a crowded carriage which will remain crowded because the unthinking (or merely selfish) Malaysians would stand unbudgingly at the doors.

Such is the morally-deprived hell I go through on an almost daily basis in what we dare call one of the fastest developing cities in the world. Yeah right.

Anyway yesterday was an intersting day worth mentioning, otherwise I wouldn't have even blogged about it. It started out pretty much the same, but this time me and a colleague managed to find an empty standing spot somewhere in the middle of the carriage because everyone else was standing by the doors.

It was then that my colleague noticed a pregnant woman standing, and I repeat, STANDING (in bold letters no doubt to reiterate my raging point) by the side. My good colleague immediately pointed her out to me. We were both shocked and appalled by the seemingly uncaringness of our caring society.

Nonetheless I urged my colleague to bring to attention, the predicament of the pregnant lady to anyone of the young able-bodied youths SEATED comfortably in the seats without a care in the world. So she turned to the nearest one and asked her to vacate her seat for the pregnant lady, and said passenger actually oblidged.

The pregnant lady however politely declined the seat as her stop was next and fast approaching. Soon we saw the last of her and the oblidging passenger as well. But that was probably because I failed to notice what happened to her.

It was however an interesting attempt at uncommon Malaysian courtesy which had to be reminded to courteous Malaysians who are only so willing to oblidge should they be reminded often enough to be courteous.

And tomorrow, I get to experience it all over again. Oh joy!


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