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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Dangers of Living Alone

A little over a week ago, I came down with a seemingly mild case of sorethroat, no doubt resulting from the late nights spent watching the world cup quarter finals and the shouting that accompanies such endeavours.

So what appeared to be an ordinary occurance didn't get much attention until Tuesday when it got worse. During lunch, I began to feel a temperature rising. Knowing full well that a fever was approaching I took the rest of the day off. Walking towards the LRT station, I started feeling floaty and light-headed. By the time I got off the train, my head was heavy.

A hour later, my head was throbbing as I waited for the doctor. 15 minutes later I was on my bed, knowing full well that I needed to take my medication, but too stoned to do anything about it.

I woke up around 8 at night with a really bad headache. I got up and tried to go out to get some porridge but couldn't even make it to the stairs before needing to lie down. A feeling of dread descended upon me as I lay there on my bed. What if I passed out? Nobody would find me until a few days later. By that time, I could be, in all possibility, dead.

So I started calling friends who I know would be or should be in the neighbourhood. None of them were available or happened to be elsewhere. Finally, I got through to a friend who bought over some porridge. Even then, I could hardly sit up to eat. I struggled through some of it before deciding to call it quits and took my medication.

Needless to say, it would be foolish to attempt to ride out the fever alone in the house. So I managed to get my aunt to pick me up so that I could spend the night at her place. There, I finally got to sleep in peace knowing that even if I do not make it through the night, I would be discovered before my body had time to rot into the putrid state which all bodies rot into.

My last thoughts before I passed out were vague images of pain and a strong sense of loneliness. It sucks living alone sometimes...


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