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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

This blog was supposed to be on Sunday, but due to my inability to publish it and lack of time, here it is on an early Thursday morning! Enjoy! ;)

Woke up late this morning with a great feeling knowing that I do not have to work today! Decided to have some brunch. A peek at my kitchen revealed a bunch of banana's, some kaya, butter, and bread. Banana sandwich!!! Wooohoooo!!!

Proceeded to take out all ingredients and plotted my masterpiece! I took two slices of bread and then decided to have another two! As I reached out for the next slice of bread, I noticed a small hole in the middle. Thinking it must be one of those wonders of modern baking, I proceeded to take out the slice only to see an even bigger hole in the slice below. This sparked my curiosity, so I took a closer look and found that the hole went all the way through the rest of the bread and out of the bag!

Needless to say I junked the bag down the dustbin! Never again will I buy bread without first inspecting the bottom! Bluergh!!!


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