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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

I was writing a blog on how I have nothing much to write when my internet explorer crashed on me erasing every single piece of rubbish I had written earlier. (I had added a small segment of how absurd it is to work!) Seeing that, I now have something to write about! Hoorah!!!

I've been working for a year now. And no, I'm still not really liking it! I guess when you work for others, (especially people who think everything can be done overnight, without the slightest idea of how HARD it is to accomplish the task) you can't really enjoy your work. And this brings me to the question, why are youths wasting the best years of their lives WORKING?

While the question lingers, I shall take a good night's rest, and pray that enforcement officers don't raid my house for pirated VCD's! XP


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