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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Mother's Day Special

I brought joy to you the day I was born, putting aside the labour pains and the 9 months of ridiculous carrying of course.

When you took me home, you were proud and happy to show me off to relatives... that is, until you realized that I could be so much of a hassle waking you up at ungodly hours demanding milk and whatnots!

Then kindergarten came, and it was a time to tell other parents how well behaved and intelligent I was, until I made the mistake of proposing to the wrong girl...

Primary school introduced the shy little boy that would read in the dark and receive thick glasses 4 years later.

And upon graduating to secondary school, this little 'angel' decided to do a 'Star Wars' rebel run and 'fought' back against the 'Empire'!!!

Then, the day came when I received my application to a university which shall remain unnamed, and I grew wings, to fly to the unknown, on my own...

Four years passed by as quickly as the grains of sand fall from the hourglass, and soon, I was stepping on the steps of the corporate ladder.

Now, a career lights my path, a new place to stay, a new environment, a new life?

But even then, though I am now grown up and rightfully called a man, I know in my heart that I shall never ever be one, for in her heart I know that I will always be her little boy.

When I was there, I gave her pain. When I was gone, I still hurt her. Throughout her youth she was always there for us, neglecting her own interests for our own, doing things a mother should do. Now she has all the time in the world to do what she wants, in a house where the kids are not around to bug her.
She doesn't have to take care of her kids anymore. They can do that themselves. She doesn't have to pamper them anymore. They can pamper themselves. She can finally sit down in a quiet house and watch astro all day. But all she wants to do, is continue being a mother. And that is something I'm grateful for...

Thanks Mum, Happy Mother's Day!!!


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