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Friday, May 16, 2003

Friday, and no, I am not as thankful as some of my mates! Reasons? I'd thought you'd never guess! Yes! Unlike the majority of sane people who DO NOT work on Saturdays, I, regretably with the help of my big boss, am forced into labour on a perfectly nice, lazy and totally mundane Saturday!

Of course, the argument will be that it is not yet Saturday, but to someone who has to work on Saturday's, Saturday doesn't come... it's just an extention of Friday. Which thus brings us to the topic of... (behold..) Working On Saturdays with Kalamari!!!

Working on Saturdays. Although it may seem the norm to many, and it is actually the norm in many companies, working on Saturdays prove to be extremely unproductive, with most of the employees feeling very much dejected, wishing they were sleeping in their comforable beds instead of sitting in front of a monitor clicking away at the screen and hoping that father time will swallow them up and spit them out just before lunch time!!!

Yes, I dislike working on Saturdays. Not only is your weekend spoilt, you actually waste half a day of productive lazing at home! And if that isn't bad enough, when you come back, you're so tired, you'd hardly have time to enjoy the rest of the day. Which only leaves you one day a week for leisure!

But working on Saturdays has it's advantages. Think of the workload you can clear so that come Monday, you can have NEW piles of work to be done! Hurrah!!! Not only that, you will come to appreciate your free time and will gladly sacrifice unnecessary time playing games or watching TV just to get enough rest for guess what, the following week!

Yes, it is evident that working on Saturdays has gone to my head. And the cause of this? Having to work on a public holiday (Thursday)!!! Some day I will rule the world and declare every Saturday, National Lazy Day! Now whatdaya say to that? XP


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