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Thursday, June 12, 2003

EON Service Centre Cheats Designer

Wednesday, Bangi - A young multimedia designer who declined to be named was cheated by an Eon Service centre here today when he sent his car for servicing. Firstly, the pleasant looking mechanic told him that the 'minor' service stated on the EON booklet was in fact an error and that the car was actually in need of a 'major' servicing. The Designer, somewhat suspicious, called his mechanic consultant and confirmed that his car did indeed need a major servicing. He was quoted a package with the price of RM 750. The designer who obviously wasn't being paid enough, decided to do a 'half-service' to save costs!

Expecting the final cost to be lower than RM 750 he then proceeded back to his company to spend the rest of his day mundanely clicking on his mouse and watching spiders spin webs on his monitor. Upon collecting his car later, he was slapped with a hefty RM 1*** bill for the service! Shocked at this blashemy, he questioned the mechanic and found out that a particular set of parts they changed was RM 500+!!! Even more surprising was that they didn't even tell him about it earlier! So the poor overworked designer had to fork out the money as it was already billed to him and cursed all the way home!

Upon consulting his mechanic consultant, he found out that the set of parts they changed for him was not necessary and should only cost about RM 200! And taking into account the high service charge of RM 300+, the designer was cheated by the service centre of nearly RM 700 (including other miscellaneous parts!) Though nothing can be done about the matter, the designer vowed never to go to an EON Service centre ever, and urges the public to follow suit unless absolutely necessary! "First, they cheat us with cheap cars, then they rip up off with overpriced 'cheap' parts!" he said.

-Sources from 'Tak Bernama' and the Phlumberg Times!-

On the bright side, Dan won a trip to catch the Angels in L.A.!!! Woohoooo!!! Congrats Dan!!!


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