Random Solitary Thoughts

Friday, March 15, 2002

Tying down the weights of burden on your shoulders in a twisted knot of worry and anxiety. Burning up my brow like the sun on the tarmac on a hot day, screaming with the intensity of a banshee as she orgasms and spasms in lust. Erotic heat as the fog decends into the valley of sands and dust. Humidity claims the throne of the toilet seat and everyone prays for cooler weather to work in.

The weather is hot. Woke up hungry around noon. Called girlfriend to ask her how she is and to apologize for not replying her message earlier as I was still sleeping in my torn blanket. Computer was still rendering. Decided to take shower. Played warcraft with my fellow roommate. Beat the crap out of him with a new strategy I envisioned in the shower. I always think of something in the shower. People wear their thinking caps... I wear my shower cap... wait.. I dont have one. Nevermind. Decided to go for lunch. Went to have Ba Kut Teh at Dengkil. Had two helpings of rice. Pork never tasted better... [pardon to all my Muslim friends reading this...]. Came back and found computer still defragmenting. Decided to hang out for a bit. Defragmentation complete. Computer now runs 5% faster. Decided to test out speed with Counterstrike. Played two rounds with no frags and embarassing death rate until I heard continuous buzzing from my yahoo messenger.

Only one person does that. I quitted counterstrike... wasn't doing so well anyways... to answer the call of Kotakkosong. Yesh... the secret's out. I'm going out with her. The blogger everyone knows as Kotakkosong, or Emptybox. And then I found myself trying to burn a CD with all my cluttered MTV's and junk. And then I found myself writing this blog. The sky is now dark... it's about to rain.

Darkness decends on the towers topped with blue. The beacon of watchfulness fades in the mist the clouds the lands. The lights hide in the shadows of the trees and awaits the horns of war... The fiery inferno dampens in my mind like the whimpering of a kitten who lost it's mother. Subtle. Quiet. Melancholy. I have found peace. Peace in the droplets which were let loose from the mists above. They fall like angels floating down to cleanse the lands once again. And then I saw... they brought peace...


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