Random Solitary Thoughts

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

I am losing faith in myself. Been sleeping less and less while working more and more... I don't want to become a workoholic. Went for the Mask night last Tuesday. Had some thoughts of my own when I got back. I'm not gonna post them up here, I guess people don't need to be reminded of certain things.

Took a long cold shower, thinking about the future and all, wondering what is to become of friends and family. A rather morbid thing to be doing, but I guess after 4 years of campus life, everything's going to change. So I just stood there, and thought. And wondered. And dreamed. And then, I started shivering, so I dried myself and went back to sit in front of my computer, finishing up the last remnants of my final year project.

Reflections. Sometimes I wonder if people will remember me after all this. If people will still stay in touch. Then I thought, that can only be answered with time. Am I feeling depressed? I hope not. Life's too short for depression. And I have a long way to go...


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