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Thursday, March 07, 2002

I have a feeling that I've been pretty negative bout life for sometime now. That could be the reason why I'm a miserable loser. I've been realeasing negative energy all around me... and it unconciously makes the people around me uncomfortable as well... I realised this as I was reading a blog recently. The amount of negative energy emitting from it was so overwhelming, I actually felt pity for the poor fella... yet angry at the same time that this person did not make the most out of life and be happy but rather, choose to be angry about it, venting out rage and hatred at the things that makes life miserable. In doing so, that person has overlooked the beautiful things in life... like Warcraft 3... and Disciples 2... and Counterstrike... and of course, people like my girlfriend... but that's another story [I'm probably gonna get a beating for writing this...].

My point is, I realised how much I resemble that person... and that I've been releasing negative energy all around me all the time... and unconciously I have become much less of a person than I was to begin with. No wonder people can't stand to be around with me... I'm such an @$$hole!!! So from now on... I'm gonna adopt that positive attitude that I had when I first started here... which makes me wonder... now where did I get my negative energy from? Well... another time to ponder over it.. right now... I have work to do... and I wanna get it done fast... so I can play games later... [see see... it's working already... I feel more positive now!!! :D] Be prepared world... the Kalamari is unleashed yet again to spread love and compassion to the whole world!!! Pessimists beware!!! Onwards to peace!!!


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