Random Solitary Thoughts

Sunday, March 10, 2002

I am happy I am happy I am happy I am happy I am happy... man.. this therapy isn't working out... I've never been more negative in my whole life... and I think I'm starting to crack from all the pressure...

"With only a few weeks left to go... the infamous investigator Squido Kalamari braves the midnight winds as he trudges on the mountain slopes of work... with only a durable 'nec' mouse and a standard keyboard, he searches the scanlines of his monitor... scanning the pixels for any sign of lost vertices and curves. With uncanny accuracy, he pinpoints the location of the next keyframe and watches as the system lags in order to complete the task. After three seconds of waiting, the vertices are in place and the curves are in order. Agent Kalamari sits back with a cup of milo and contemplates the meaning of animation. At last, he comes up with the answer... quoting from someone, [I can't remember who... sorry... but I'm sure it's an animator] "Animation can only move pictures..." and so it is... "

I have been working with a yellow softtoy dog on my head... things are really hectic... I have brokened my long time oath of not eating instant noodles... my gundam models are collecting dust... my mousepad gave way a while back... and I'm collecting boxes from all those oreos I bought... this is uncanny... I'm getting batty before my age... think happy think happy think happy think happy think happy...


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