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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Lemon Yellow - Royal Blue Bottle

On the subject of Aura-soma. The art of deciphering one's life path and purpose through the use of coloured bottles. Pick a bottle and the colours will show you your path. Rather, the bottles choose you.

So I chose the Lemon Yellow - Royal Blue bottle. My diagnosis?

The yellow represents the knowledge learned and gathered throughout your life (up until now I presume). And the blue says that I see things in a broad prespective (good thing, init?) BUT I fail to convince others to see the same. Therefore, it results in me giving up trying to explain myself or getting frustrated by the whole scenario.

The bottles have told the trugh before. I therefore do not doubt them again. So when I was faced with new challenges I saw that it was true.

Maybe it's pride knowing that my vision extends beyond that of the average person that makes me as stubborn as I am. And yet, I try to humble myself, telling myself that if so many agree, then it must be I who is short-sighted.

Then events unfold and people talked. And what they tell me, confirmed that I did foresee certain events and circumstances. And so the bottles do not lie. They tell the truth.

And so when you claim to know what it is I am talking about, do you really? Do you really see what I see? Or do you see a superficial manifestation of something you fabricate to fill in the void that you see? Do you pretend to know so much, that you begin to live a pretentious life?

Do you fake it, to the point where you're no longer true? To yourself. To others. Living a life which has as much meaning as the superfluos goals you set out to achieve?

Sometimes I see too much. You have not grown. Not in the sense you wish to. You only convince yourself that you have, when all you have achieve means nothing in the universal sense. Have you really grown? Or are you still faking it?

For fear? For you do not know how else to proceed? For you are lost? Because you cannot admit that you do not know.


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