Random Solitary Thoughts

Monday, March 09, 2009


Locked in his single room apartment, Private Investigator Cuttlefish sits at his desk, pondering the many choices he has in front of him.

Life has been tough of late, with work piling up and getting no where. Business goes on as usual with the usual scandals and dramas that find themselves in the lap of people with no imagination or much purpose to life other than the perverse entertainment of other similar people.

He ponders aloud the questions that plague his clustered constipated mind. Why can't they just leave each other alone? The world would be such a peaceful place if people didn't have to cheat all the time on their spouses or have hidden cameras hidden or attempt to dis-credit politicians.

And of course he would be out of job.

Well, there's always other things he can do... like maybe write a book. Or something.

In any case, he drops his ponderings and turns his attention to the task at hand. Which applications should he add in facebook...


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