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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The power of mopping

Many people overlook the simple but yet important lessons we can learn from simple yet mundane everyday chores.

Like mopping for example.

How does one mop a floor? Simple, you dip the mop into a pail full of soapy water. Squeeze the water out and mop the floor, right? Then rinse and repeat. Literally.

Some people prefer to mop twice. Once with soapy water, and once with plain water to rinse out the soap. Some don't even mop at all.

One rather effective way to do it, is to mop once with a fairly damp mop. And then mop over it with a thoroughly squeezed semi-dry mop. This usually ensures a nice clean finish.

So how does this relate to the important life lesson I mentioned earlier? Its so simple I bet you never thought of it.

The method one chooses to mop creates a different result. The more passionate you are going about the chore, the better the result. Pretty much how things work in life, doesn't it? You mop just so you want to get it done and over with, so that you can knock off early and do something else, and tomorrow you are faced with a dusty floor.

Like everything else, it's something that must be done (sooner or later). How you want to do it, now that's something only you can decide.


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