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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Days After

PATCH was one heck of an experience. It was tiring, time-consuming, stress-inducing and a lot of effort to raise funds for two cerebral palsy kids. But it was darn worth every single drop of blood, sweat and tears.

I fell sick the evening PATCH ended and was taken ill for the days to follow. In total, three days to be exact. Even then, my head was still a bit heavy on Thursday. Unfortunately, I wasn't alone. 3sa was sick as well, and the both of us were practically bed-ridden for the most part of three days (she could however miraculously attend 6am rehearsals two days in a row).

Eventually I got well, but 3sa came down with a bad throat infection that is only now clearing after downing enough antibiotics to kill two horses.

I learned a lot from the PATCH experience. I learnt to be patient. A lot more patient. I learnt to relax (somewhat, I can still be pretty anal most of the time). I learnt how to lead and manage a team. I learnt that tempers cannot solve problems and worrying does not make them go away (how many times have I mentioned this before, I wonder...).

I learnt that no matter how well-planned things are, shit will still happen. And it won't be anybody's fault, because that's the nature of shit. I learnt (time and time again) that people will always be late, because we are all Malaysians, or aspiring to be. I learnt to let things be.

Now more time floods my days, but still there's more to be done. The world is ever-changing, and we have to keep up with the changes to see them, and change alongside them. For if we stay where we are, then we shall remain in that frame of time. Unchanging. Stagnating.

And so I start to move again. I've had my break. It's time to get back to work. Now if I can only relax and let things flow...


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