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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another gay post

Potentially gay men are attracted to me.

The above statement spells more truth than I care to verify. More than once, potentially gay men have commented or even attempted to hit on me. Why 'potentially'? Because almost all of the above men, claimed to be, or have been in a heretrosexual relationship before.

It happened last night when I was at the gym. In the steam room. This dude just came up to me and commented on my 'legs'. Then he attempted to feel them. The whole conversation was pretty much about how to tone muscles and what sort of workout I did to get my 'legs'. It was to sum it up, an otherwise everyday casual conversation between two men on healthcare. Except the friggin sexual innuendos throw in at every opportunity. He kept wanting to look and feel my thighs. FARK!!!!!!!!

I feel so violated.

And this is not the first of its kind. In the past, more than once, I've received comments ranging from "Do you work out?" to "Nice ass!". All, unfortunately from men. Almost all, have expressed an interest in members of the opposite sex, but are somehow miraculously single. By choice? Perhaps.

Now I bemoan my sad, melancholy situation by repeatedly asking why, why WHY?!?!?! Why can't a beautifully hot woman do the same thing to me? Violate me by all means, as long as you are not male! What have I done to deserve such a fate? Why must I be cursed with this gorgeous body and yet be hit upon by ONLY men? Where have all the females gone?

I better stop now before my blog begins to sound like a dimbo blog. Dimbo = male version of a bimbo. How so? Bimbo equals 'B' for Boobs. 'D' equals Dick. Nuff said.

I shall now leave you to savour that small amount of squidish intelligence while I go forth beyond these walls and continue to attract the attention of potentially gay men. To lunch and beyond!!!


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