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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Legend...

A little while back, I heard of a little fairytale story. It began with, "Once upon a time..." and ended with, "...there was a CG artist who quit and went to sell grass!"

The miraculously wondorous and insanely mundane story made its way into the student fraternity at a local University at a not-so-prestigeous (tho commonly mistaken to be sophisticated) location somewhere out of town. Courtesy, I might add, of a few friends of mine (one of which happens to be a nemesis who should be shot on sight) who I believed first told the tale to fellow students to encourage them to be dedicated CG artists, and NOT like the said loser mentioned above.

Thus it came to be, that the Legend of 'He-Who-Went-To-Sell-Grass' was circulated amongst friends and strangers alike. Both a story of hopelessness, and a story of hope. Hopeless for those who strive to be the artist they cannot (and can only dream about) be, and hope, for those who know that they cannot be the artist they dream to be and rather not waste their youth finding out the hard way.

And so, in the evening of an otherwise mundane Tuesday, the Legend was born, and the Legend inspired, and de-spired, and live till time erases it completely from the minds of the innocent. But knowing those who spread the gospel of the word of caution (and in most cases, gossip), I doubt it.

It will be the story to be passed from generation to generation of young CG artists, in hopes that they will not follow the footsteps of 'He-Who-Went-To-Sell-Grass'. Though in sad truthful reality, many more probably will. Thus is the sad conniving world of the CG artist.

But that, is a story for another day.


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