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Sunday, August 13, 2006

We are Artists...

Went down to Zouk KL last Wednesday to catch American band, We Are Scientists. Actually 'went down' doesn't apply here, since Zouk KL is literally a stone's throw away from my office.

Anyway, me and a bunch of colleagues headed down there after work to catch the band and get drunk (well, some of us anyways, the writer included). The place wasn't exactly jumping when we got there, but that doesn't matter anyway. Got in after the bouncer carded me. As usual. I must think of some way to appear more 'grown-up' without actually growing up.

The Deserters, a local indie band opened for We Are Scientists (which shall henceforth be known as W.A.S. just because I'm tired of typing their full name). The music was good, and if you want to catch some music other than whatever is playing on radio, do check them out whenever they have gigs.

Then W.A.S. came on and the crowd went wild. An hour or so later, they finished without an encore. And everyone went home. Some of us mildly drunk (this writer included). Having friends who don't drink, with extra 'free drink' coupons can sometimes get you in trouble.

The show was good, and I enjoyed the music thoroughly. So much so, I almost wanted to buy a copy of their album, but since it was only 37 mins long, and costs two arms and a leg, I'll settle for a bootleg copy which my friend has somehow conveniently acquired. If you wanna stop piracy, cut the prices of original goods, dammit!

I might settle for a copy of SnowPatrol tho... when it's on discount. And it's not. And it's the Malaysian MEGASALE Carnival. Bunch of bollocks I tell ya.

So then I got back home and took a shower and slept really well, thanks to the copious amount of beer. Because some of us have to work tomorrow (this writer unfortunately included). After all, we are (only) artists.


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