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Friday, August 04, 2006

On being single

In recent weeks, friends have been telling me to get a girlfriend. So this post is a tribute/explaination/reasoning to why I choose to remain in the state I am in. Grammatical errors are intended.

It all started with an unhappy job. Followed by an unhappy environment. Then, an unfulfilling lifestyle. And then, it hit me. My life sucks.

And ironically, I let it happen. For three whole years I let it happen. And one day, I woke up and realised that my life sucked this much, and wondered why, and how it happened, and what I could have done, should have done, to make it better.

And I realised, that I had let it happen because I did not take charge of my life. I chose to go with the flow, like a jellyfish, bobbing up and down in the sea, following the currents, and eventually getting eaten by a wandering turtle or being washed-up on the shore.

So I began to grow my fins, to start swimming in the right direction. More, I shall not elaborate as it will bore you to death reading about how I came to find my direction, tho I can assure you I didn't use a compass. As I swam, I began to see more and more familiar surroundings, places I've been to, things I've seen, experiences which I have forgotten. I began to find myself again.

Now, as I continue my journey, I decided I will not stop till I find what I am looking for. I will not allow for distractions or any sort to tie me down, to slow me down, to detrack me from my purpose, my goals.

And so I keep swimming upstream, and hope one day, when I arrive at my lake, I will find someone there. But for now, I'll just swim with the fishes, and float past the jellyfish, and wink to the turtles, and bask in the sun as I coast along my way past the corals in the deep blue sea.


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