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Monday, July 31, 2006

On being labelled 'Gay'... (gigantic sweat drop appears ala anime style)

Statement: I have been and am constantly being labelled gay.
Fiction: I could be gay.
Fact: I am in fact straight. And various visits to certain sites have confirmed this fact. Multiples times.
Conclusion: I have no friggin idea why I am constantly being viewed as a homosexual.

An otherwise mundane dinner arrangement with some friends on a saturday night sparked an interesting conversation about my sexuality. Especially with the mamak waiter being 'extra' nice to our table. Followed by what my friends noticed, him constantly eyeing me from behind. I am in case you people don't know, male. And I shall accentuate the FACT that I'm straight.

This clearly disturbs me.

My friends, (if you can still call them that after what happened that saturday) of course gave me no reprise by following up with comments on how 'gay' I look. So I wondered to myself. How does one define a 'gay' look?

I myself have friends who are more inclined towards members of the same sex, and they are good friends. I do not discriminate them and I respect them for who they are. And to me, they seem like any other person.

Some have said it's the haircut. What's wrong with short spiky hair?!?!? Some said it's the dressing. Well, many people wear the same types of clothes I do, why not call THEM gay? Some say it's the look. Like wtf??? I was born looking 'gay'?!?!?

Then, there are those whom I've met online (you probably know who you are) who mistake me for a girl if I did not introduce my gender. And there are those who know my gender and mistake my sexual orientation.

It must be the way I write. Or something... (more anime sweat drops)

Clue me...

P.S. On a side note, this is a darn good Animated Music Video. With a nice song to boot! Go check it out coz I think the dude deserves the credit where it's due.


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