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Monday, March 06, 2006

From Kalimdor to Azeroth...

I have officially been geeking out with other geeks who have too much time on their hands. This is because, I have recently started playing the reknowned World Of Warcraft online multi-player game.

The game is pretty addictive and thus, a lot of my free time (whatever is left of it anyway)is spent in the world of Azeroth. Having said that, I'm still proud to announce that unlike countless numbers of players who have 'disappeared' off the face of the planet for months at a time, I'm still pretty much attuned to the real world as it is. I just choose to stay home rather than go out all that often... (not exactly a bad thing, since I'm trying to save up enough for a trip to Brazil).

Nowadays, rather than the local mamak, one would more likely find me within the shores of Azeroth...


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