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Friday, October 14, 2005

The image that looks back from a mirror...

Sometimes, people take things for granted. Actually, people do that a lot more than they are aware of. A whole lot more.

So here I am, trying in my irritating and patronizing way to convince you, the faithful reader that one shall not take too many things for granted. (I know, this sucks)

It all began, like most good but cliched stories, on a dark and stormy night (this was of no exaggeration and holds true for those who were there that faithful night). A friend of mine had an accident. It was not the first time.

All it took was a simple movement that went wrong, executed a bit too hastily perhaps, or maybe just plain wrong. He dislocated his arm. Again.

It was only a few agonizing months ago, sometime in the beginning of the year, when he first dislocated his arm. He went through pain and trauma, but survived both and was back at the peak of his game faster than we all could imagine. So it was ironic in a sense, that things just have a funny way of f@#king up!

Now even as I type this with sweaty fingers while waiting for work to be over so that I could scoot over to the academy to train and muck around and laugh at some posts which I read on someone's blog, said friend is taking pains to walk down the all too familiar path of healing.

But I know, that he will rise again, just as he did in the past few months, and he will be stronger, more determined, and maybe a bit more careful. But he will recover. That much I am certain. For that is the sort of person that I, and probably the rest of friends knew him to be.

And now, time has passed by long enough for me to pack up and leave, and leave I must, for there is laughter to be shared, and images looking back from the mirror to be thought about.

There is, essentially, things not to be taken for granted.


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