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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Solitude is good...

Last weekend was arguably the best weekend that I've had in a long long while. And what was the difference? My relatives were not around.

And I don't mean it in a malicious way. It's not like I dislike them or anything. I mean, they're cool and all, and they leave me alone for most part of the day anyways (not that I'm around the house anyway, with work and all...hehe), but it kinda infringes (lightly) on ones privacy when all one wants to do is spend a nice relaxing rainy saturday morning/afternoon chilling out at home without hearing people moving around getting on with their routine saturday morning/afternoon lives.

I don't feel the obligation of having to wake up early enough to inform them of my avalaibility to attend to their home-cooked meals (which doesn't always (infact, doesn't at all) work well with my seemingly hectic and spontaneous activities).

Technically, my schedule mirrors that of any young working adult in Kay-El... but them being quiet non-working elderly adults from Ee-poh, this of course builds on my guilt when I have to tell them I will be missing 'insert random meal here' because I have so-and-so on, or because I'll be working late, or just plain because I'm hungry right now and do not want to endure another hour of traffic and public transportation before I can stuff my face silly.

Basically, I miss living alone. Having the whole house to yourself on a weekend. The calm, quiet serenity of docility that presents itself on weekends. True, there's the housework and the laundry and gardening and all, but that can be taken care of in a matter of ones' own convenience.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a quiet weekend with nothing to do... (and no one to bother you about it... yeah, I know, I just had to say it...)


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