Random Solitary Thoughts

Monday, December 12, 2005

Just for the heck of it...

The music blasts in the cubicle next to mine as I tediously thought of numerous ways to begin my blog entry. Work had piled up to enormous amounts, and not much has been done to reduce it in anyway. Staying back till the later hours of night is always an option.

Yes, it is I, Kalamari Squidocious, back from an apparent absence to haunt the digital pages of the world wide web once again. No doubt, my schedule has not been kind enough to grant me the time and liberty to bullsh#t all I want online, but that has not stopped me from taking an occasional few minutes to blah something at random from the depths of my mundane and monotonous mind, which by the way, has been sedate thanks to the lack of sleep and overdose of coffee.

Therefore, I find it prudent to end this post now, as nothing constructive seems to be coming out from this session in particular. No doubt, I will revisit this space once I have something concrete to write about.


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