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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Weekend Brief

Took a trip down to Penang during the Christmas weekend. Had some relaxing fun, watched more movies than I usually do in a month, met up with an old friend and played a borrowed X-box.

Things that I noticed during my trip to Penang. A relaxing time constitutes not thinking about work and knowing that you're not gonna be working the next day. Or you just don't care. I'm not watching enough movies. I need to meet up with old friends more often. No one in my family plays consoles. That sucks.

On boxing day, we took a drive back with a pit stop at Bidor for its famous Duck Noodles.

Things that I noticed on my way back. It's not jammed, as many people predicted it would be. Bidor Duck Noodles took 45 mins to arrive. Wait only when you have a sizeable crowd who happens to be chatty.

Now, what's in for New Year's Day? Hmmm...


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