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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Ode to my dog...

A little dog by the name of Toffee,
Felt like a curse bestowed upon me,
For he tore my plants, and chewed my pants,
And when he's scared he starts to pee...

An innocent puppy by the name of Toffee,
As cute and adorable as any dog can be,
But when he's bored, he starts to paw,
And down goes all the laundry...

A mischievious dog by the name of Toffee,
Drove me crazy by making me see,
The mess he made, while I was paid,
To sit in an office all week...

A sad little puppy by the name of Toffee,
Is all chained up as anyone can see,
He chewed some clothes, that someone just bought,
And condemned himself to life imprisonment.

An angry little pup who was once named Toffee,
Has gone all mad, frustrated and angry,
He chewed himself, and someone else,
And had to be put to sleep...

I hope the last bit will never happen... and that's why I'm taking all measures within my capability to keep him happy and contented. I've learned a valuable lesson. I've understood why my parents always said no to a dog. I learned that it's not easy to be there when you want to be. I've learnt that tempers cannot be forgotten, only controlled. I've learned that no matter how many times you tell someone to control their temper, it's so much easier said than done!

I wish to take some time and space, to thank the people who have been patient with me and guided me throughout this painful dog-raising process (which is still in progress by the way), and to apologize to them for the sleepless nights, and the trouble me and my dog has caused them. You know who you are.

For now, the dog is under strict surveillance and will not be able to commit any unscrupulous acts of deceit against his master. He will be trained properly without the traditional 'rod', and will learn to accept his fate behind bars whenever surveillance is lifted. He will enjoy two walks a day, and two meals as well, and no, he will not be harmed.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to help give this poor puppy some extra TLC is welcomed to do so. Anything ranging from keeping him company to walking him is welcomed. You will not be paid in cash, only in satisfaction. If you wish to keep him for your own, you will have to fight me for him! Either that, or convince me that he is plotting to escape and ravage my garden once again... peace!


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