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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I haven't been online in a while. My monitor decided to konk and I am temporarily onlineless. Toffee is getting bigger... had a vaccination today which costed me... RM 90!!! I think it could have been more expensive, so seeing that, I'm pretty much satisfied with the price I got.

Have been stressed out at work and shouted at my dog on Sunday. I guess both my housemates were pretty surprised with the way I was, so I would like to take a little time to express my sincerest apologies for my atrocious behaviour. I have since undergone therapy and will be more in control of my emotions. Plus, the fact that I have finally decided to leave my company for greener pastures put me in a better mood.

Overall, I've had a rough week and hope that it will all end with the elimination of my bosses balls and the publishing of my working biography on this blog.

May you all be well and happy and may terrible bosses have their balls emasculated (or if they are female, may they develop syphilis)!!! Long live SYPHILIS!!!


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