Random Solitary Thoughts

Saturday, July 13, 2002

I received a call yesterday morning as I was going off to work. It was from one of the programmers, asking me to go to town with them to ammend a project that we're doing for a client. I spent the whole day in town and even missed a voice-over session I was supposed to have with some friends from campus! To the four of you, SORRY!!!

Twas a tiring day, but I spent the night visiting Kotak and then home for a long awaited session of Warcraft 3. The story was good... and I managed to finish the human campaign. The ending left much to think about. Finally slept around 2.30am, something I haven't been doing for sometime now.

Sat in the office this afternoon doing some test recording for voice-overs. The heat of the non-air-conditioned room and the bright flaring monitor is giving me a headache. I think I'll wrap up and call it a day... tho there's always warcraft...


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