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Saturday, June 22, 2002

Another update! Okay, gonna make this my weekly update, since I only get to go online once a week! Things have been happening slowly this week. I have a job interview on Monday. The guy sent me the e-mail on Wednesday asking me to go for an interview on Thursday morning. My friend checked my e-mail for me on Thursday evening. A short reply and apology later, and my probable employer rescheduled my interview for Monday! Awww.. such a sweet guy!

Bought myself a new basketball to play in the mornings. Had quite some fun with it. I missed all the sports I used to play. Looking for a group of people to play football. No balls necessary. No talent required. As long as you can kick the ball, just come and kick the balls! Anyone interested post a msg! Football fever has taken over me!

Watched Windtalkers on Friday. Pretty good show despite what the reviewers say. At least, that was my personally opinion. An obvious remake of many hollywood movies, [but aren't they all the same as well?] but it delivered the message well, so it has my thumbs up! Scooby Doo was pretty good too, again, despite what the reviewers say. Where do they get these clowns anyway? Off the streets?

On lighter notes... I should be getting some cash by the beginning of next month... [finally, some means of survival]!!! And oh ya, to Kotak, don't be too depressed about the 'you-can-kick-the-bucket-anytime' thing. Do what the 'King' [not Elvis mind you...] says and you'll be a lot happier. You always are you know?


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