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Monday, July 08, 2002

I have always believed in a certain philosophy, that the more you get attached to something or someone, the more you suffer. That suited me well for quite some time as I was unattached to anyone. Recently tho, I decided to change my plea. After all what could be so bad about being with someone? Then, an old friend came along and started ranting about his relationship and all.

This friend shall remain unnamed for security purposes, but what he told me, gave birth to the philosophy I so believed in years ago. He was recently attached to someone, and the first few months brought nothing but joy for the couple. Then, as time passes by, they grew closer, sort of like a fairy tale thing [who wouldn't like this kind of story?]. But if there's a silver lining in every cloud, then there must sure be a dark spot on the sun.

So as it progresses, he became more and more fascinated with her. He became so obsessed, it would literally kill him if she didn't call. But when she did, he was lighter than air. The moments he spent without her were terrible. But the moment he did spend with her was bliss.

Now, anyone can see that he is one sick fella, and he sure is. But the thing that struck me this morning, was the same philosophy I heard years ago. The more attached one gets, the more one suffers. Ironic... but true. Sigh... off to another morning of work... and pray that my sandwiches don't get mouldy.


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