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Saturday, June 15, 2002

What a week!!! Okay, weekenders!!!

Woke up early today [wow, a miracle]. Drove to campus to have a game of missing hoops. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, it means to throw a basketball at the hoop without touching it. Had a good game, tho my fitness is definitely in question. Going to visit a firned who got knocked down by a car. Refer to Booya's blog for more details. Going to a bookfair after that, and maybe a movie. The day is nice... :D

Saturday. Had a fine time reminiscing old comics I drew. Drawing new panels in addition to the ones I couldn't finish. Gives it an evolutionary look as the drawings gradually improve over time... sigh.... I feel old. Had a fine time relaxing and marking English essays. To those of you who think English is an easy subject to teach... think otherwise before it's too late!!!

Friday! Last day of school! Yesh!!! Went out shopping for a friends present. Ended up with a card. Stopped at a florist to get a rose for my girlfriend. The lady behind the counter casually mentioned that I look young and and familiar, asking if I was from APITT [or something like that]. I told her no. She then said that either I was blessed with perpetual youth or that I was very young. [I think she thinks I'm much older. I think it was because I was still wearing the shirt and slacks which was what I had to wear to school, something I hardly wear at all] I told her I was young and walked off puzzled. I came to a conclusion later. I'm older than I look, but younger than I should be.

Thursday and all the days in the week! Bought a carton of yogurt on Monday. 16 tubs of it. Found out that night that no one in the house eats yogurt. Discovers the expiry date to be 14th June 2002, Friday. Finished the last one this morning. Hope I don't get tummy upset....


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