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Monday, October 10, 2005

Little Brown Beans...

No one should ever under-rate the potent effects of a good cup of coffee. The bitter-sweet aroma, the brown swirl of foamy bubbles, the warm dark brown texture. The creamy texture of the drink as it flows down your throat.

Such were the thoughts of mild-mannered Kalamari, the boring, nerdy, and sometimes potentially timid alter-ego of our Macho Muscle-bound, Purple and Yellow Clad hero without the cape (the cape was originally there for recognition and as a tribute to the great comic hero creators of yesteryears, but was recently removed after careful consideration following certain issues that were brought up in the recent movie The Incredibles...), as he sits in his half-cubicle in his half-empty office as he drones over his work with half a day left and a half cup of coffee on his desk next to his half finished roll of sweets.

(Darn, that sentence was long...)

It was a long day, as all working days usually are, and coupled with the lack of sleep from playing 'Fable' till three in the morning, Kalamari began to feel drowsy. There are even times when he has found himself staring unseeingly into the screen for minutes at a time. Something had to be done...

And so it was with flash of light (more like an instance of surreal will-power) that our mild-mannered protagonist called upon the services of our hero, MultiPurpose Man!!!

The purple and yellow clad hero without the cape hurled himself into the office and did a forward shoulder roll at a 35 degree angle which propelled him into a leopard stance, enabling him to scan the horizon in a 256 degree radius horizontally and with a base of disable and dismember any enemies he encounters. But since this is not a physics and martial art based entry, it's irrelevent information that is written to confuse the reader. (...) My profound apologies...

Posing in his heroic pose, MPM did a thorough scan of his surroundings and caught mild-mannered Kalamari in yet another dozing fit. So, he did what he had to do. Off to the pantry he went, one hand holding an empty mug and the other straight out the side like a ninja holding a sachet of instant coffee.

He ran with a ninja-like run, in a horizontal line with no bob (many animators would frown at such a run cycle) as his feet carved a soft depression on the office carpet. With dramatic flair, he arrived at the pantry and proceeded to tear at the sachet with his teeth.

All it took was a quick jerk of his head and the instant coffee powder flowed freely into the mug. With lightning quick reflexes, he emptied the last remnants of that wonderful mix and slipped the mug underneath the hot water faucet.

As the boiling water fell in a cascading torrent of steam, the aromatic smell of coffee floated up to MPM's nostrils. "No, I must resist! This is for Kalamari!" he says to himself. "Hmmm.. maybe a sip is okay..."

Then, with the same display of agility, MultiPurpose Man picked up the mug and took a hot scalding sip of coffee. The heat momentarily burned his tongue, but the smell and taste of the coffee soon enough abated his suffering.

With a deft flick of his ankles, MPM was once again next to the desk of mild-mannered (and sleepy) Kalamari. Then, with an even quicker display of deftness (if there is even such a state... or word for that matter...) he disappeared with a flourish into the abyss of Kalamari's mind, never to be seen or heard by his alter-ego, the mild-mannered Kalamari.

As Kalamari once again awoke from his trance-like state, he smelt the smell of aromatic coffee. The smell itself was enough to wake him up a bit. But it was not enough. He saw the mug and wondered where it came from. But somewhere in his mind, he was quite sure where it came from.

He took another whift of the aromatic flavour coming up in thin strips of vapour, and took a smooth long gulp.

"Ahhh..." he sighed in approval as he placed the mug down. He was no longer sleepy. and he was feeling uncannily pepped up for work. "Ah well, no one should ever under-rate the potent effects of a good cup of coffee" he said to himself as his fingers once again found the buttons on his mouse and the shortcut keys on his keyboard.


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