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Thursday, March 17, 2005


'This is not a good day...', whispered Gabriel as he sits on the edge of his bed, contemplating whether to go to work or call in sick. A nauseous feeling of dread filled him as he sat there, basking in the warm morning air.

'Responsibilities need to be filled...' he muttered under his breath as he slowly and painfully struggled to get a grip on his life. He dragged himself to the bathroom and washed his face, barely recognizing the reflection on the mirror (how many countless times have we read things like that these... sigh).

There was no joy. No purpose. No direction in what he was doing. Gabriel worked as a multimedia desginer for a big corporation where nothing else but money matters. As he slipped into his work clothes, he thought about the tasks that lay ahead, about the faces that will greet him in the office.

He grabbed his bag and his car keys and sauntered to his car. He was being underpaid, not appreciated, not learning much, and being made to do things against his principles. He thought of a conversation he had with a friend the night before.

"It's like, just wrong man!"
"What's wrong?"
"The whole thing! I mean, it's always about the money. Screw the quality, get it done and publish it and make some money! And if that's not enough, they want me to do this project, for a year, and the purpose is not to make something good! It's to make money! Why? Coz they're friggin products can't sell anymore! And they want to make more money, so what do they do? They dump this seemingly dodgy project on us, and tell us do it, and we make more money!"
"It's always bout the money!"
"Yes! It's all about the money!" Gabriel ranted.

"I f***in hate money..."
"Why don't you part with yours and buy me a drink?"
"Shut up you p***k..."
"What the fffss.... I am SO gonna OWN your @$$ tonight!"
"Man, that sounds... wrong..."
"Shut up... you just watch out.. battle.net!"
"You're gay. Stay away..."
"F***! You're dead!"
"Don't you f***ing dare!!!"

As he drove along the road to work, he smiles... Because he 'owned' last night... on battle.net...


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