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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


My home has been desecrated!

It was about 11.35pm when I got back after capo and supper. What greeted me was a sight beyond the horror of waking up early on a weekend. There were little pieces of faeces everywhere!!! And at least three puddles of pee lying around in strategic places!

Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the faeces were odourless!!! Not that I can smell anything with my blocked nose and all... and, they were RED!!! What manner of creature craps red pieces of crap?!?!?

It was everywhere! And some of it were camouflage against the wooden parquet fllor, making them harder to find... which is why on first inspection, I totally missed the ones upstairs.

Anyways, after cleaning up the mess, I stumbled into the kitchen, looking for any hidden souvenirs that may be lurking around when I chanced upon a papaya, with a big gaping hole in the side and all the contents gone!

Finally, I found the reason for the invasion! A quick search late revealed tiny foot/paw prints on the toilet tank. With my CSI skills and analytical mind, I was able to piece together what happened!

A squirrel had probably entered the house, and made short work of the papaya. After doing so, it probably went around trying to find a way to escape and crapped everywhere as a result.

Now, one would wonder, if such a creature could get in, then how would it get out? The same way? Or was it still around? A quick search unveiled nothing but a stench coming from the living room... A stench that reminded me of the time when I found a dead bird underneath my bed...

I wonder what I'll find later...


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