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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Starry starry Night...

Last night, mild-mannered Kalamari stumbled home after agravating an injury he sustained as MultiPurpose Man, something he seems to be doing with increasing frequency.

As he drove into the street where he lived, he noticed that his neighbours were out and that the lights were out. "Another blackout..." he sighs.

Groping in the dark (and fortunately not groping the wrong things... ahem...) he found a torch and a candle, and was soon bathing by candlelight. Definitely a romantic experience which all newlyweds (ahem)should try... together... in the dark... when no one is in the house... and... *slap* (MultiPurpose Man appears to strike realisation that this conversation is getting out of hand!)

Seeing (or rather, not seeing) that there was to be no reading by candlelight, Kalamari decided to just chill out by playing the guitar (the berimbau would be too noisy and besides, it was still at the academia). It was of course another suggestion for newly weds to try (ahem).

The 'Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu' dvd would have to wait. The Need For Speed Underground 2 game would have to wait. The night would be spent enjoying what nature intended for us to enjoy.

(The song Starry starry Night by the late John Denver plays in the background...)


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