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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Zombiefying Monday blues... in a blue shirt...

Behold! It is Monday again... and my Friday blog didn't really load because of some glitch in the internet connection which resulted in nothing being published after I painstakingly wrote something...

Anyway... my weekend had been fun! I bought KOTOR and played KOTOR and I'm hooked on it which resulted in me being extremely sleepy for the lack of sleep. So onwards to the infamous Canadian escapade...

Quebec City...

Thanks to the nature of express buses, and the fact that we left late thanks to the cursed suspected fake note, we arrived in Quebec City well after normal hours. In other words... late!

Well, after getting into a taxi (which drove at tremendous speeds along narrow roads to give an impression of a 'live' version of some racing game), we happily enjoyed the sights that the city has to offer. It was truly magnificent! The old buildings and castle walls made the whole place seem so ancient, in a nice way of course!

So after that, we arrived at the hotel, which was beautiful, and the same thing happened again. (The 'same thing' in this case refers to the booking of insufficient rooms for the wrong amount of people resulting in yours truly sleeping in a cramped corner beside the bed) This time however, the lady was nice and accomodated us without extra charges.

After checking in, we went on a litte walk in the blistering cold to look for food! In the end, we settled for some 'American' food because everything else was too expensive.

Then, we walked back to the hotel in the blistering cold and slept. Tomorrow we will explore the city of Quebec!


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