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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Falling sick!

I felt totally crappy today. I must be falling sick!

The Great Canadian Adventure... by Kalamari

The story continues from where I left on in my previous post. It was I think the fourth day, when the party left to go to Toronto in the morning. This time, everyone was miraculously early. I think for breakfast we had some really good yogurt, plus peameal bacon with cheddar cheese... or was that they day before?

Arrived in Toronto and proceeded to find parking space. The city is almost as ridiculous as KL, where parking is scarce, and expensive. Even more expensive here, as the exchange rate is almost triple.

Anyways, we went down to the harbour front to see the sea... or was that the lake? Wait. Before arriving in Toronto, we stopped by the coast of lake Ontario and saw ducks swimming in polluted waters. Ate some cherries, and I proceeded to attempt to plant cherry trees all along the coast. Okay, back to Toronto.

Harbour front was definitely cleaner than any you'd find in Malaysia, but having grown up living next to one, I didn't find it all that appealing, except for the cleanliness. It does bring back memories of home tho...

Had great lunch nearby and then the party took a walk to the Magestic Canadian National Tower! Tower wasn't too magestic up close as we have three of those in KL alone. Damn you KL...

Saw an interesting sculpture nearby, and took some pics. Then walked to some shops and window shopped and all. I think I bought a comic here. And then some chocolates.

Decided to have a tea break at Kensington Market, which is this cool Canadian marketplace full of local goodies like cheese and meat! Went back to car to discover that the hood was overflowing with engine oil. Popped the hood and saw engine oil cover missing.

At that time, the silly fella at the carpark were chasing us out and asking us to pay extra or something. Also discovered that we parked at the Port Authority car park which is off limits to everyone. Apologised and port security seemed nice enough to excuse a bunch of us lost tourists.

Now, silly carpark person was being an @$$. So after a fruitless argument with the imbercile, we drove off without the cap and ended up somewhere in Chinatown (again).

Called up the car rental service and waited for a backup car to arrive. Walked to Kensington Market (which is closed by now... everything in Canada closes early except you know whay shops... ahem..) and saw all the lovely goodies locked up. Kotak and her mum bought some veggies.

Car people arrived and we took the replacement car home. Car was a Pontiac (never sat in one... in fact never saw one before in Malaysia... me so Jakun... woohooo).

Arrived home, ate dinner (home-cooked), tried to return car, (but failed) and finally slept. Next day was an early morning flight to Ottawa, capital of Canada!


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