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Monday, July 12, 2004


It was almost midnight when the Jetsgo plane landed in the unchartered region of Toronto. Agent Cryptobia had been waiting for almost an hour without having her Canadian coffee. With her was the unusually cheerful Fish girl, her sidekick who studies some part of fish which I can't remember for the life of me.

Trotting along the carpeted halls to get to the arrival hall, Ms. Kotak and her mother (who shall hence be known as 'The Mother') rushed to meet Agent Cryptobia! Following a few metres behind, and lugging along a massively insane amount of luggage (most of which wasn't his), was none other than E-gore, the humble servant of the Squid Clan.

E-gore was a nicely built creature with eight arms, (some of them virtual) and almost willing to do anyones bidding, like carry insanely heavy bags, and food stuff, and lugging around other people's snacks and knick knacks, without too much complain. In other words, he was the perfect assistant (except when he's had a bad day or if his football team loses or he didn't get the pay increment that was previously promised).

After what seemed like eternity in the carpetted halls of the endless Canadian airport, the trio finally arrived in the arrival hall and was greeted by Agent Cryptobia and Agent Fish Girl.

An exchange of hugs was followed by realisation that they were obstructing traffic and after a brief moment (in which E-Gore was partially relieved of his bag lugging duties) they headed towards the parked car.

As fate would have had it, the lift was a long wait and therefore, E-Gore once again proved the prowness of the Squid Clan by carrying the heavy bags up the stairs. After finding the car, they headed off towards the dark streets of Toronto.

The road was foggy, with visibility only a few metres ahead. And after about an hour of driving, they finally arrived at the small town of Guelph, where they would be staying at times throughout their trip.

Being hungry, they all had some spicy instant noodles from Malaysia, and after a quick shower, everyone was sound asleep. And the rest is left well alone...

Time is not easy to come by

Seeing that I haven't been having enough time to get my life back, (as well as get some sleep) let alone blog, I shall totally suspend the exploits of the Insignificant Trio of Jakun-ism, and their trip to Canada, for a more non-committal and slightly more flexible topic. Namely, one that arrives just as I have that extra five minutes to blog. Having said that, my five minutes are up and I shall blog when my time allows it.


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