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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Why do people hate Mondays?

An interesting question. Why? Because...
1) You have to wake up early after spending a long weekend (short for this poor writer... I like have only like a one day weekend?) waking up at noon.
2) You have to go to work! AGAIN!
3) You will have no life for the next four days... (five and sometimes six for this poor writer...) 
4) No more late nights for the next few days.
5) Mondays' just suck!!!

For three weeks, I've been having trouble keeping awake during work. I think it's because I haven't been resting really well lately. Today was the worst so far... I felt like I went on a 20km run. My whole body was just failing. I think I'll 'MC' tomorrow... just to make sure that I'll be awake on Wednesday...

Now, for the Canadian run...

The museums...

Early in the morning... we went to the er... I seem to have forgotten what this museum is called... but it's definitely some historical museum. Anyway, this particular museum was built to resemble the shape of a canoe, and the pillars, the oars of the canoe. It was a nice museum, and we saw the history of Canada, told in Chronological order, with interesting displays that would shame our National Museum to no end!

We spent the day there, taking in the breathtaking exhibits, and then we made our way back to the guest house. I can't remember what we ate or where we went afterwards, and there were no photos to remind me of what happened.

So anyways, the next day, we went to the market for breakfast before the worst thing in my life happened. I decided to be generous and buy some souvenior t-shirts for my fellow friends and family back home. So Kotak and I made my way to this shop which shall remain unnamed, and looked around. After finding what I wanted, we proceeded to pay, when the cashier looked at us suspiciously and started rubbing the 50 dollar note vigorously.

No doubt, this sparked off much curiosity, but being ignorant tourists, we just stood there. Then, the truth dawned on us. The cashier told us the note was fake! We freaked! No way! How can I know? How can I tell? We're just ignorant stoopid tourists!!! SO anyways, the guy was 'nice' enough to let us go without reporting us to the police! But instead of running away like busted criminals, we decided to take it up to the authorities.. (coz 50 Canadian dollars is about RM 150 and I ain't prepared to lose that kind of money... )

So we sought help from our nice 'landlord', and he tried to 'convince' the cashier to return us our cash, but it didn't work. So next, we called the police and the police were prompt to arrive (unlike their local counterparts here...) and the nice female officer took a look at it with the manager of the store and everyone (except maybe the cashier) agreed that it was likely to be genuine (hahahah! Baka! That's for making a fool outta me you over-paranoid and cautious cashier.. you!!!)! They told me to keep the note but to verify it at first opportunity and have it broken down to tens and twenties.  

With that in mind, we thanked our rescuers and were off to the bus station for a ride to Quebec City! A tip to all travelling to Canada, always, always, make sure you have small notes... the counterfeit problem there is serious! (a note of pent up frustration from the author... BAKA!!!)


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