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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I was hit on the nose last night. During class. Capoiera class. Not to say that class is dangerous. It was mostly my fault. You could say it was my carelessness which resulted in my nose being hit. Or rather, I hit someone's leg with my nose. But that's not quite the way it happened. Actually, my hand was protecting my face (remember all new capoeira students, 'sempre', ALWAYS protect your face!), but for some reason, I was too close to the leg, and the back of my hand was already on the leg and not mobile anymore. Therefore, I hit the leg with my hand, but because my body was still moving forward, I trusted my nose into my hand (which, if you remember, is already on the leg and not liable to move without some substantial amount of force) and therefore bruised it.

So in the extremely long-winded hypothetical analisys of the situation, (which shall be politically correct, by the way), I actually bruised my nose by hitting the back of my hand which was stuck to the leg which I had moved too close to.

Simple, isn't it?

Anyways, I felt bad about not being able to deliver my full account of my trip to Canada. Therefore I shall write a bit more, based on where I left off.

Second day. Woke up close to noon. Had brunch which could easily pass for tea. Went to Agent Crytobia's secret overground laboratory and hung around watching her dissect fish for her secret plans to take over the world (said in an overwhelming echo which resounds for no particular reason other than to dramatise the situation... ... Plus, it actually makes no sense as there's no way that sound can echo in such a small enclosed area like this...)

I can't really remember, but I think shopping trip took place somewhere and someone bought some cherries or something. Anyway, back to secret hiding place and had home-cooked dinner, Malaysian style... makes the situation really ironic since it has only been a day of not eating Malaysian food, and I don't miss it at all. Had nachos. Made with much authenticity. Not like the crap we have here in Malaysia. No one knows how to make nachos here... sad sad...

Felt tired and crashed out on the couch in front of television. Night was cold. Shivering throughout the night. Doesn't help that I'm sleeping on the couch downstairs while the cat is prancing around in the middle of the night. Next day arrives soon...


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