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Sunday, July 18, 2004


Last week ended way too fast. A hectic work week, followed by a full weekend, and a Sunday with too little time.

Among the things I did during the weekend:-
1) KTAR Capoiera performance. (Sexta feira)
2) Getting stuck in the KL flash floods where four crocodiles were sited. I didn't personally see them tho... (Sexta Feira)
3) Capoiera training (Sexta Feira)
4) Work (No ONE should EVER have to WORK on a SATURDAY! ... I am clearly a disgruntled employee...)(Sabado)
5) Capoiera Music Class (Sabado)
6) Capoiera Performance (Sabado)
7) Sunday!!! Play games! Sleep! Play more games! Surf internet! (Domingo)
8) Dinner with cousin! (Domingo)
9) Shopping for groceries at Giant (Domingo)
10) Think about the extremely short weekend, and the dreadful thought of working on Monday... maybe I should get an MC... (Domingo)

Now... a little update on what happened in Canada.

I think this was the second day in Canada. The party woke up early enough to leave the house
early enough to take a drive to this place, I think it was YochDale or something. I could be

Anyway, the women couldn't resist some shopping even though everything is pricey and nothing is
worth the money and half the stuff is the same as those you can get in Sg. Wang only three
times more expensive. So in the end no one bought anything, and everyone wasted a good morning
in a dank shopping mall instead of enjoying the nice freezing, bitter, and cold Canadian

By the time everyone was ready to move, it was close to noon... and surprisingly, no one was
hungry! Anyway, a quick train ride later, and we were in the Middle of Toronto, right in front
of the Royal Ontario Museum. Party more or less decided to visit the musuem. I personally had a
great time there... especially the dinosaur fossils... nice!

Musuem closed soon after we went in. Why? Because it closes at 5 pm. Why? Because we arrived
late! Why? Because... read second paragraph above. Anyway, by this time, I was hungry. Most
people were hungry. Everyone took a walk to Chinatown.

(Here's what I don't get. Any self-respecting chinese just HAS to visit Chinatown in some other
country where Chinese aren't the main religion.. I mean race. No matter where, in the US, in
Canada, Australia, Zimbabwe,... any chinese relative... Mother, Father, Late-Grandmother, Aunt,
Uncle, Nephew, Niece... you name them, they will definitely go or request to be taken to
Chinatown! Hence, what I don't get! This weird fascination for something chinese! I mean, you
see the same things and the same people everywhere, and you still wanna go there! And there
isn't even anything particularly interesting there to see that you can't find anywhere else
that has some fraction of chinese living there! If this chinese attachment is too hard to
resist, why leave your country to go someplace where you can't find a generous amount of

Okay, enough chinese ranting... While at chinatown (bluergh!), I forgot what we ate, but it
definitely isn't something too memorable, otherwise I'd remembered. Anyhow, spent the day
walking around and all, and in the end, went back to YochDale or whatever it's called. Arrived in Gluelph very late at night. Was sleeping most of the way. Those late nights at work has taken a toll on me.
The next day awaits...


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