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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

A memo was circulated sometime this morning, explaining somewhat 'subtly' why the internet connection was not turned on. It seems, that a lot of websites surfed during office hours are 'not-work-related' and therefore not conducive to the working environment.

To solve this problem, management has decided to limit all internet access to only during lunch hours and after office hours, therefore, making the office as dull as it was before. This of course works in favour of those who find the upper mangement a bit hypocritical, as they are known to surf stock exchange websites and make calls to brokers during office hours.

They are also notorious for surfing news websites, and forums (both of which are among the sites listed as 'illegal'). Entertainment sites are also banned, limiting upper management from knowing what goes on in the entertainment industry (something our company desperately needs to be updated on).

Because of the above reasons, this blog will only be updated during lunch hours. Have a nice and pleasant day!


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