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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Capoiera Fever!

Rafael is coming to town! Woohooo! For those of you outside the capo community, Rafael is a professor (a professor is two levels below mestre) from Brasil who's coming here to teach us! Yesh!!!

Besides that, we've got a string of performances that promises lots of capo action and fun! Check it out if you guys are free and don't know what else to do!

1) 25th April at Bangsar Shopping Centre. 2.30pm. Citizens against rape thinghy.

2) 27th-28th April at Zouk KL. 10.30pm. Some hotlink event with lotsa cool shows.

3) 1st May Midnight at Blue Bar above Chakri White House opposite Beach Club in KL. Forgot what this was about but it'll be cool anyway and lotsa parteeeeeyyyyying coz it's a holiday the next day!!! Woohoooo!!!

People who want to know more bout capo, comment on the comments and details will flow! One word from the author, Capoiera rocks!!! Woohoooo!!! Sure beats sitting in a mundane office all day long!


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