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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A mundane blog after a long break...

As the title above suggests, this is a mundane blog written, or more politically correct, typed, during the dull mundane hours in between productivity while at my office.

The week has yielded nothing but utter mundaneness and total boredom, courtesy of the lack of staff, and chatting companionship. There is ABSOLUTELY no one to talk to! So much so, I half envy my housemate Dan, who will be wrapping up his last week at work even as we speak. Lucky him...

Back to the boring, nonsensical topic... I have NO one to talk to except this notepad from which I am typing this blog. The people here are close to zombies... they sit and work from day to night, from night to day, and from day to day!

The only other people who chat do so via a network messenger and all they ever gossip about are Canto artistes and what so and so is doing. Basically, mindless gossip! The perfect example of Telekom staff!

And to add to my misery, my company doesn't have internet access!!! Argghh!!! I'm so tempted to quit on grounds that my job is boring me to death!!!

Okay, ranting has been done, let's see now... I'm currently modelling a heart... then I'll have to animate it... then a cross section.. life is so biological... and I've been reading Terry Pratchet's 'The Fifth Elephant'! Pretty good book.. humourous and witty! Stayed up till 2 a.m. reading last night! Will finish it by tonight... I hope...


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