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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Today, I attended a project briefing. Te speaker was dull, monotonous, and totally incompetent. He could barely speak English, or barely speak for that matter. It was hard enough to understand him as it is, without trying for the most part, to figure out what he was actually saying.

His droning voice literally left me zombified for most of the afternoon, and my hunger pangs wasn't exactly helping either. His handwriting is terrible and is possibly worse than mine. I wonder how the next generation will ever progress with people like that setting an example for them. Yes, you guessed it. I don't particularly enjoy meetings!

On happier notes, I have finally decided to adopt a male puppy. It has a white streak running down the length of its nose and has a brownish grey coat of fur. Currently, the puppy is still with its mother to enjoy his last few drops of milk before facing a life of junkfood and leftovers, and shall be initiated into the house of Squid sometime next week or so.

While awaiting the initiation, I am still pondering over a name for the puppy. Any suggestions? Winner ets the honour of having a puppy named after him/her! Requirements: must possess cool sounding name! Shake a leg y'all!!!


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