Random Solitary Thoughts

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

The darkwaters swirled like the coffee in my mug. The coldness creeps in like the biting of an ant. The bars of chocolate is merely a few centimetres away... but yet, I cannot reach out to salvation... for I have sworn to finish this task! I have sworn before the blank screen of my PC. I have sworn before the might that is my mouse. I have sworn before the great set of headphones from which I gain access to music. I have sworn to draw as many frames as I can before I go for a half-days leave to accompany my girlfriend to her ballet exam! Yes... I have sworn too much within the last few minutes to remember what I said. And with that, I call upon the powers that is the Multipurpose Man!!!

And in a flash (version 5.0) Multipurpose Man arrives!!! Sitting on his humble chair, he whizzes past the water dispenser and sits in Kalamari's place. Then, he picks up a pencil and proceeds to be confused by the lack of work. Apparently, the work has hit a rock and will have to wait for further orders before he can proceed. Shucks... Multipurpose Man cannot do anything, except to wait... and see...


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